The History of Bradgiggs

Bradgiggs is created in 2010. At first for fun, through using recycling materials; then, after collaborating with Companies working in the fashion field, this new Brand enters the Fashion Design world and becomes concrete. Synonym for freshness and originality, it focuses its creative philosophy on the creation of limited edition Made in Italy bags (150 pieces for each model) strongly recalling the far East. Each model is provided a real Japanese name and its connected historical meaning with the aim to give a soul to its Bags.

Present and future Collections will be characterised by different experimentations and techniques so as to create more expectations year after year; such challenges provide the Brand the needed positive charge in order to build its identity step by step in the fashion world both in Italy and abroad. Every Bradgiggs item is produced with the highest professionalism, through obsessive taking care of the detail. Since it is exactly the DETAIL which makes a bag THE BAG

Our team

Paola Monichetta
Egidio Chiara
Bradgiggs Company
Bradgiggs Leather Working
Bradgiggs Leather Working
Bradgiggs Leather Working

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